La Castanya – 9 October 2016


For Spanish pop-punk trio Aliment, life in the band took on a pace nearly as fast as their high octane, energy-filled music. Just a few months after they formed, they were the talk of the town and they didn’t let up - continuing to churn out songs as if the world was going to end. In just two years they went from their early demos, to the furious debut LP Holy Slap (La Castanya, 2012), with a split record with Furguson (La Castanya, 2011) and the Costa Brava seven inch (Discos Humeantes, 2012) in between. All of that in the midst of a flurry of shows, with hardly any time enough to catch a breath. However, they took things at a much easier pace in preparation for their second full-length Silverback, released almost three years after their debut LP.


The fact that they’ve cooked this record the “slow food” way doesn’t mean that the rpm is lower. The ten songs on the album still sound urgent and energetic, yet have grown weightier, possessing a sense of nocturnal abandon fueled by alcohol. Songs like “No Fuzz” or “Razors” remind us of the Aliment that fans love and cherish, but songs such as “My filthy old soundays” or “Moving Mountains” represent a new version of the band. Tougher, more compact and even, perhaps, more grown-up, they sound similar to The Marked Men or the melodic power pop sensibility of a much heavier Pointed Sticks. With Silverback they even dare to introduce vocal changes, being more comfortable in lower registers than ever before, which brings them closer to the canons of classic punk rock without veering away from more contemporary influences such as Jay Reatard, Carbonas or Bad Sports. Like all these bands,  feel most comfortable on the poppier side of punk.

Whilst a lot of things have changed, the essence is still there; just like the damn Costa Brava is still there or whiskey and coke is still there.  Silverback is faithful to the band’s nature, raging yet happy punk-pop that wraps lyrics about the good and the bad in human relationships. They combine a frenetic and noisy wall of sound with the need to live, sing along and make us dance - with our fists in the air.

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