Breakfast Muff
Babyboomers / R U A Feminist
Amour Foo - 5 Mary 2017
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From Glasgow’s fertile DIY punk scene come Breakfast Muff, a thrillingly uncompromising pop trio who will be releasing a double a-side single Babyboomers/R U A Feminist on Amour Foo Records in May. The songs are about sexuality, feminism and feelings and are an all-round giant dose of fun. Bandmates Eilidh McMillan (Rapid Tan, Joanna Gruesome), Simone Wilson (Hairband, Mary Column) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Rapid Tan) switch between guitar, bass and drums in a cacophony of anxiety, celebration and creativity. You can pre-order the 7" here.


The a-side "Babyboomers" explores the impossible expectations put on young people by previous generations. Clash premiered the track, saying that it's; "a taut, wiry, and occasionally hilarious slice of torn 'n' tattered indie."

Since forming in 2014, Breakfast Muff have shown a determined focus, playing as many gigs as possible and putting out records. Their first album, The Feels, was made in two days. Their second, Rainbow Yawn, was made in three, and they’ve just finished recording their third LP Eurgh! in four. This time, the album was recorded at The Big Shed Community Centre in the Highlands in May 2016, with gloriously hot weather contributing to the exuberant sound. The vocals were laid down together in the main hall, with the lead singer standing close to the microphone while the others were at a distance, lending a truly live and in-the-moment feel to the recordings.

The new material demonstrates Breakfast Muff’s development as a band, as they begin to become a real force to be reckoned with. Having made a concerted effort to hone their sound and improve as musicians over the past few years, Breakfast Muff now have a renewed confidence. Their live shows are renowned for being some of the most energetic and exciting around, with a ferocious and at times aggressive energy, veering between defiant anger and joyous celebration.

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