Mellow Waves
Rostrum Records - 21 July 2017
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Japanese multi-instrumentalist and acclaimed producer Cornelius (aka Keigo Oyamada) returns with his much anticipated sixth studio album Mellow Waves, due out on 21 July. Mixing eastern avant-electronica and krautrock with jazz and bossa nova, this will be Cornelius' first full-length release since 2006’s Sensuous.

A performing musician since his teens Keigo Oyamada created his creative alter-ego Cornelius (the name is an homage to the Planet of the Apes), in the early 1990s from the ashes of his previous project, Flipper's Guitar.

With the 1997 release of Fantasma, Cornelius gained international recognition for his cut and paste style reminiscent of American counterparts Beck and The Beastie Boys and was released internationally by Matador Records. Being called a "modern day Brian Wilson" for his orchestral-style arrangements and production techniques, Cornelius subsequently became one of the most sought after producer/remixers in the world, working with a wide range of artists including Blur, Beck, Bloc Party, MGMT, and James Brown.

With 2002’s Point, Cornelius' music took a quantum shift, going from sampling “found sounds” to looping organic elements and creating lush soundscapes.  Using water drops as the rhythmic backbone of “Drop” on his vocoder-infused cover of “Brazil”, the album dazed and amazed fans and set the path for the next phase of his career. 2007 brought this philosophy to an even higher level with the release of Sensuous.


Cornelius’ live shows are knownround the world for spectacular visuals (all perfectly synchronized to the performance), custom lighting that doesn't simply augment the performance, but becomes another instrument within it, and a full band of equally talented and diverse players.

The companion piece to the album Sensurround + B Sides, earned the nomination for “Best Surround Sound Album” at the 2009 GRAMMY Awards.

The summer of 2016 saw the release of Fantasma Remastered, on Lefse Records.  The package, a 2LP reissue of his classic album, also included 4 additional outtakes and earned Pitchfork’s “Best New Reissue”.

Cornelius has recorded music for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, scored the anime mega-film Ghost in the Shell Arise, performed as the backbone of Yoko Ono’s reformed Plastic Ono Band, played the Hollywood Bowl with Yellow Magic Orchestra, and co-wrote and produced the Japanese artist salyu x salyu.

"Cornelius, aka Keigo Oyamada, burst onto the U.S. radar with 1997's Fantasma, an overwhelming bricolage of Beach Boys harmonies, psych-pop precision parts, and odd samples that fit perfectly between the sunny naïvete of the Elephant 6 collective and the cosmopolitan chic of the Grand Royal label. His 2001 album Point refined the exuberance, but laid bare Oyamada's prog-rock affections, kraut rhythm obsession, and new age production ear for esquisite organic sound artifacts. Between then and now Cornelius has remixed in 5.1 surround sound, produced sound/film/video art installations, recorded commercials, produced a number of artists, and been raising his son Milo with his wife Takako Minekawa. His 2007 album, Sensous, delivered its title as a new age-prog jazz aural rubdown standing firmly and proudly outside trends." Pitchfork
"From rock riffs to cheesy electronics, nothing is off limits here, the gurgling stream of playful beats and gorgeous melodies carried along on a tide of Can's dreamy krautrock, ambient instrumental bliss and infectious '70s rock grooves." - Q Magazine
"Cornelius‘s 1997 album Fantasma introduced the genre-defying Japanese artist (Keigo Oyamada) to most of the Western world with it’s everything-in-a-blender style. Nearly 20 years later it still kinda sounds like it’s from the future. (Or the ’90s future some imagined Tokyo to be.)" Brooklyn Vegan

"Oyamada wrestles with both sides, over these six-plus minutes, and the music fittingly never settles into one groove, with guitar solos floating through and adding an improvised feel apt for a number about conflicting images of the past." Pitchfork (Best New Track)
"This is truly visual music, and a rare case in which one enhances the other. For over two decades, the Japanese artist Cornelius (born Keigo Oyamada) has played with both wildly inventive indie-rock and minimalist electronic music, like a buzzing wind-up toy from another dimension." NPR
"It’s a chilled-out and supremely pretty composition." Stereogum

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