Quiet Arch - 5 May 2017

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Joshua Burnside releases his debut album in May 2017 via Belfast based label Quiet Arch , home to previous releases by Northern Irish Music Prize winner Ciaran Lavery , Ryan Vail and Tucan.

Joshua’s first EP “If Your Goin That Way” received much critical acclaim with plays from Gideon Coe and Lauren Lavern. The single from the EP “Black Dog Sin” has went to notch up 1.5 Million plays on Spotify. Influences of his Irish background merged with a Gothic Americana folk sound to find fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

With “EPHRATA” we see a departure in a different direction , the gothic and religious themes are still there , a political satirist is assassinated, two shellshocked siblings hallucinate a zombie apocolypse,,  a terminally ill physics proffessor turns to god, but a distinct latin flavour has wormed its way into the music


Written in a burst of a few weeks whilst living in northern Colombia, the songs deal with a diverse range of themes, from PTSD and tecnhnophobia, to larger questions about time, love and death in the modern age. Balanced with an even more diverse pallete of sounds, from south american rhythms, banjos and accordians to crunching beats, found-sounds, loops and whistling, he has created a stormy world that swirls and shifts your perspective like a dream that lingers on long after you’ve woken up.


The album was recorded in Northern Ireland in 2016 and features a guest performance on “Holllllogram” by Hozier Cellist and backing vocalist Alana Henderson



‘Rumbling, brooding, powerful, magnetic’ - The Irish Times


‘Understated and exaggerated, thought-provoking and reflective, constantly keeping the listener on their toes’ - Golden Plec



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