Let me introduce you to some of the great bands, artists and labels that I work with.


Pearls to Swine - Fat Possom - 9 September

The Austin, Texas-based musician will release his second album Pearls To Swine on 9th September 2016 via Fat Possum. Stereogum described the lead track “High Lonesome” as; “a shimmering moonlit meditation”.

Pearls To Swine was recorded over eight days in January at Austin’s Cacophony Recorders with co-producer and mixer Erik Wofford (Bill Callahan, Black Angels, M. Ward, Okkervil River). Laid directly to tape, there’s a natural, warm, and almost magical realism atmosphere to the songs – like a high-stakes live show captured in a fantastical setting, each its own uniquely crafted cinematic soundscape. The core rhythm was captured live and augmented by a few overdubs, and Torres is joined on the album by the players in his band: Swans’ Thor Harris (on conga drums, vibraphone, and percussion), Aisha Burns (violin), and Dailey Toliver (bass/piano), with drum kit performances by Matthew Shepherd and Rodolfo Villareal III.

Rattle - 5 August - Upset the Rythm

Nottingham based drumming duo RATTLE release their eponymous debut LP via Upset the Rhythm on 5 August. Rattle focus almost exclusively on drums and more drums, beneath a delicate overlay of vocal harmonies and percussive effects. Formed by Katharine Eira Brown (also of Kogumaza) and Theresa Wrigley (also of Fists), Rattle began as an experiment in crafting rich songs and melody using drums and voice alone. Their music weaves and intertwines post-punk, minimalism and experimental rock, through off-kilter rhythms, patterns and counter melodies.

Radio Love - The state51 Conspiracy - 1 July

Player Piano is the musical vessel of Jeremy Radway. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana - home of the writer Kurt Vonnegut, after whose first novel Player Piano is named – Jeremy was raised on jazz by his sax-playing father. He studied at the Berklee School of Music, before playing in a series of bands back in Bloomington. Then he followed a girl to London. In the UK, Jeremy fell in with the Scottish folk collective centered around Fence Records, putting out a critically lauded EP Into the Dark on the label, and touring with Mercury Award-nominee King Creosote. With the implosion of Fence, Jeremy was left on his own to produce his debut album. And at long last it is here. Radio Love is a joyous combination of propulsive grooves and big hooks that has drawn comparisons to everyone from David Bowie to Sly and the Family Stone.


Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart  - Fortuna POP! - 8 July

Martha return with their second album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart in July, via Fortuna POP! (UK/EU) and Dirtnap Records (US). Produced again by MJ from Hookworms, the album explores the difficulties in staying political, staying passionate and staying punk over the course of eleven expertly crafted pop songs.

Kristina - Labrador Records - 17 June

2016 is a big year for Swedish indiepop legends Red Sleeping Beauty (named after a song by 80’s Marxist band McCarthy). Following their first live show in two decades, they’re back after nearly 20 years out of the spotlight with a brand new album, Kristina, due out on Labrador Records on 17 June.

Vanilla - Fortuna POP! - 10 June

London five piece Evans the Death return with Vanilla, their most ambitious and experimental album to date, eschewing the more traditional pop structures and hooks of their first two albums, 2012’s self-titled debut and Expect Delays. While Expect Delays was a step towards something more collaborative, experimental and abrasive - a bleak, introspective album that still retained a pop sensibility - Vanilla sees the band veer in an ever more adventurous direction: more aggressive, extroverted and raw.

Thankful Villages - Rivertones - 3 June

A is a village in Britain where every soldier returned alive from World War I. The writer, journalist and educator Arthur Mee coined the term ‘Thankful Village’ in his series of guidebooks, The King’s England in the 1930s. Darren Hayman visited each of the 54 Thankful Villages and, focussing on village life, made a piece of music and a short film for every one. Some take the form of instrumentals inspired by the location, some are interviews with village residents set to music, others are new songs with lyrics or found local traditional songs.

Amparo - Labrador Records - 27 May

Maria Usbeck's solo debut, Amparo, is a collection of songs written and recorded across the span of three years in Ecuador, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Easter Island, Costa Rica, the south of Florida, L.A. and her home in Brooklyn. Though the songs were composed electronically, Amparo called for an acoustic treatment, so Usbeck spent a winter in the studio recording the arrangements live with producer Caroline Polachek and mixer and engineer Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Fleshed out in full sonic color on the marimba, xylophone, quena flute, piano, and harp, the album stretched out into something hi-fi and expressive, meditative but not meandering.


Parma Violets - 6 May

Jealous of the Birds is the solo project of hotly tipped Irish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Naomi Hamilton. Her debut album Parma Violets, due out in April, matches introspective indie-folk with fiery post-punk. Beautifully crafted songs have been given contrasting arrangements, veering from stripped-down acoustic guitar to full-band indie-rock anthems, all overlaid by Naomi’s compelling layered vocals. Equal parts light and shade, the songs are poignant and vulnerable, bursting with honesty and raw passion.

Dolls of Highland - Sub Pop - 29 April

Sub Pop is pleased to announce that singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Craft will release Dolls of Highland, his label debut, on CD / LP / DL / CASS worldwide 29 April.  The twelve track album features the singles “Lady of the Ark,” “Eye of the Hurricane,” “Future Midcity Massacre,” and “Black Mary”.  Please find a tracklisting below.

Dolls of Highland was written, recorded and produced by Craft, mixed by Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel of The Helio Sequence at the Old Jantzen Building in Portland, and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

Age of Indignation - Fortuna POP! - 8 April

Dublin quintet September Girls return with an impassioned musical and political statement in their new album Age of Indignation, a title that succinctly sums up its inherent anger and restless dissatisfaction. The ten tracks bristle with atmospheric textures and dark-hearted noise, tackling complex subject matter such as feminism, religion and life in Ireland at this point in history along the way.

Up To Anything - Chapter Music - 8 April

Chapter Music is excited to release Up To Anything, the debut album by Brisbane trio The Goon Sax.

Louis Forster, James Harrison and Riley Jones are all 17-18 years old. They make pop music. They have refined tastes - they love the Pastels, Talking Heads, Galaxie 500, Bob Dylan and Arthur Russell. On Up To Anything they pull off ­the almost impossible, capturing the awkwardness, self-doubt and visceral excitement of teenage life, while still in the thick of actually living it.


Adventure - Damnably - 1 April

Japanese cult pop punk trio Shonen Knife celebrate their 35th Anniversary this year with a brand new album Adventure (out on 1 April via Damnably). They will be hitting the road for their most extensive UK and Eire tour to date in April, which includes a slot at the Stewart Lee curated All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival.

T R O U B L E - wiaiwya - 1 April 2016

Canadian musician Woodpigeon, a.k.a. Mark Andrew Hamilton, has emerged from a brief hiatus to release his sixth full-length T R O U B L E (due out on 1 April via wiaiwya). Merging the best of John Grant with Avalon era Roxy Music, Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night, and a nod towards Kanye West’s Yeezus, the sounds are transposed to a largely acoustic setting feeding off influences from his travels across the globe.

Over the Silvery Lake - Great Pop Supplement - 11 March

London-based psych-folk outfit The Hanging Stars release their much anticipated debut album Over the Silvery Lake in March 2016 via The Great Pop Supplement/Crimson Crow. Blending folk pastoralism with swampy 60s Americana, they sound like the missing link between the California desert sun and the grey skies of London Town. The album was recorded between LA, Nashville and Walthamstow, with each of these vastly different places leaving an indelible mark on the songs.

Wolves of Want -  Slumberland Records - 11 March

Bent Shapes make their Slumberland Records debut on March 11th with the release of Wolves of Want, the Boston outfit's new album recorded with Elio DeLuca of Titus Andronicus.

Old Magick - Fortuna POP! - 4 March

Indie powerhouse Fortuna POP! is proud to announce the release of Old Magick, the second solo album by Steven James Adams, former songwriter/singer/guitarist from the critically acclaimed Broken Family Band. Old Magick is proof that Adams’s gift for marrying exceptional lyrics with inescapable earworms is very much intact.

Forever Sounds - Damnably - 4 March

Forever Sounds is the brand new album from Cincinnati’s Wussy, due for release on 4 March via Damnably. It is the band’s sixth full-length and their second to be released in the UK, after the 2012 compilation Buckeye and 2014’s Attica!. Forever Sounds finds Wussy crafting some of their most raw and melodic material to date, exploring such themes as hauntings, false prophets, aliens and The Big Lebowski, all blanketed inside layers of noise. Combining the raw energy of Nuggets-era psych with fuzzy 90’s dream pop, the effect is equally jagged and serene, a blend of singable Americana and “arena-drone”.

Jettison the Valley - Western Vinyl - 4 March

American songwriter Carter Tanton announces his album Jettison the Valley, which is due for release on Western Vinyl on 4 March. Written whilst living in England for a short time, the album blends country music with British folk influences. Over the years, Tanton has toured and recorded with numerous artists including Marissa Nadler, Strand of Oaks, Lower Dens, and The War on Drugs. In 2012, he assembled Freeclouds, his first collection of songs for Western Vinyl. A couple of years later, Tanton moved to England where he wrote all of the songs on his new album Jettison the Valley. His old friend and collaborator Marisa Nadler contributes lead vocals to "Jettison the Valley", and Sharon Van Etten sings on "Twentynine Palms" and "Through the Garden Gates".

Lily & Madeleine

Keep it Together - New West - 26 February

Keep It Together, the spellbinding new album from acclaimed duo Lily & Madeleine, will be released 26 February on New West Records.
Recorded at home in Bloomington, Indiana with producer Paul Mahern, who also helmed Lily & Madeleine’s lauded debut and second albums, the 10-song long-player is a mature and dynamic statement from two distinct musical personalities, grounded and bound by kinship, that melds seamlessly into an ethereal and enthralling collection. Album opener, "Not Gonna," sets the tone for the album and serves as a confident mission statement both thematically and musically as the duo’s beautiful melodies and impeccable harmonies are buoyed by orchestral strings, electronic flourishes, analog synth, piano and a pulsing groove.

Everybody's Dying To Meet You


Fortuna POP! - 12 February

There’s something great about a three-piece – think The Cocteau Twins, The Clean, Galaxie 500 – and the way that irreducible nucleus takes its strength from its limitations, making a virtue of its purity. And so it is with London trio Flowers, returning with their second album Everybody's Dying To Meet You in February 2016 via Fortuna Pop! (EU) and Kanine (US). Over the course of ten intensely thrilling pop songs, singer Rachel Kenedy's ethereal vocals and Sam Ayres textured guitar are backed by the powerful, metronomic beat of drummer Jordan Hockley.

A Season In Hull


Wymeswold Records - 12 February

The Wave Pictures return with a brand new, vinyl only album called A Season in Hull, due out on 12 February on their own label Wymeswold Records. The album was recorded on acoustic guitars in one room, with a bunch of their friends, live in to one microphone on singer Dave Tattersall’s birthday, January 28th, 2015. The songs were written as quickly as possible and the recording captures that specific moment in all its spontaneous, thrilling and immediate glory. As Tattersall elaborates: “That’s what this is - a one-microphone happy birthday recording.”

Thought Rock Fish Scale


Paradise Of Bachelors - 5 February

Recorded live to tape, with no overdubs, on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Nap Eyes’ quietly contemplative second record refines and elaborates their debut, offering an airier, more spacious second chapter, a bracing blast of bright oceanic sunshine after the moonlit alleys of Whine of the Mystic (PoB-20). But the briny, cold Atlantic roils beneath these exquisite, literate guitar pop songs, posing uneasy riddles about friendship, faith, mortality, and self-doubt.

For fans of The Only Ones/England’s Glory, The Modern Lovers, The Clean, The Verlaines, The Go-Betweens, Bedhead, and all things Lou Reed.

Jet Plan and Oxbow


Sub Pop - 22 January

Jet Plane and Oxbow, Shearwater’s second original full-length for Sub Pop, is their career-defining album—the leap forward those of us who’ve been watching them for years have always believed they would make. Lush, powerful, and grand, with a confident edge heard more often in their live shows than on record, it feels like the musical statement they’ve been working toward through five albums and a decade on the road. It’s an album that captures the light and darkness of our time through the lens of one of our most unique and, for a growing number of ardent fans, treasured bands.

Spilt Milk


Fortuna POP! - 8 January

Spilt Milk is the brand new album from indie auteur Pete Astor, previously of The Loft, The Weather Prophets, and other esteemed acts. It was recorded onto ½ inch tape at the home studio of James Hoare of Ultimate Painting, The Proper Ornaments and Veronica Falls, with James playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and singing backing vocals. “He was”, says Astor, “an amazing band.” Other contributions came from members of Astor's live band, with Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, Withered Hand) supplying vocals, Jack Hayter (Hefner) on pedal steel, Alison Cotton (The Left Outsides) on viola, and Robin Christian (Male Bonding) and Susan Milanovic (Feathers) on drums.

Soft Days

CF Records - 8 January


From it’s drone laden opening minute, Soft Days, the new record from Sea Pinks, confounds the listener and consolidates the Belfast three piece as one of the most distinctive guitar bands around right now.  Soft Days is the band’s second full-length studio record, following on from 2014’s Dreaming Tracks and three previous DIY albums on which Brogan played virtually everything himself. It’s a snapshot of a band growing in confidence and hitting its stride as a three piece. It’s also thrillingly eclectic, cherry picking genres with magpie abandon.


Debut Album Due Out On Fortuna POP! 13 November

Fortuna POP! are delighted to welcome London-based noise pop quartet Chorusgirl into the fold, with their self-titled debut album set for release in November. The brainchild of German songwriter, singer and rhythm guitarist Silvi Wersing, Chorusgirl blend the shimmering dreaminess of 4AD bands like Lush, the noir pop of The Cure and the bittersweet electricity of The Breeders across ten songs that sparkle with melody and pop nous but are stealthily subverted by something darker.

Darren Hayman



fika - 6 November

Darren Hayman returns with a beautifully delicate and touchingly honest album simply titled Florence after the city in which it was created. This is his very first purely solo album, featuring no other musicians. It was written and recorded between Christmas and New Year at the end of 2014 in the Firenze flat belonging to Elizabeth Morris (Allo Darlin’) and Ola Innset (Making Marks). Continuing his habit of making incisive, observational and beautiful albums, with Florence Hayman has taken a back-to-basics approach, eschewing his recent collaborative, conceptual approaches for a humble and modest solo effort, entirely recorded and performed in the Italian apparetemento of his hosts.

Daylight Versions


wiaiwya - 30 October

Daylight Versions is the debut full-length album from London quintet The Leaf Library, due out on 30 October via WIAIWYA. The record is full of wonderfully woozy, drone-pop tunes about meteorology, the seasons and the incoming sea; from songs about the ghostly Suffolk coastline to the slowly rising waters of London marshes, these ten tracks channel the warm fuzz of Yo La Tengo, the spacious repetition of Talk Talk and Movietone’s seaside melancholy to beautiful effect.

Gold Class

It's You


felte - 6 November

There are few voices of meaningful dissent left in rock music. Even fewer play with the savagery, subtlety and melody of Melbourne-based newcomers Gold Class. Armed with only a handful of songs, Gold Class quickly drew heads to their live shows when they appeared mid-2014,  just a couple of months after getting together. Characterised by attacking rhythms, bristling garage guitar lines and the deep vibrato of singer Adam Curley, the band were soon mixing art-space and basement gigs for their debut seven-inch, "Michael" which will be included on It's You

Dream All Over


Paradise of Bachelors - 16 October

Dream All Over, the fourth full-length album by cinematically-minded Los Angeles band Gun Outfit—and their first with Paradise of Bachelors—maps a dangerous California that bears little resemblance to Tinseltown fantasies. The incantatory dialogues of singers Carrie Keith (guitar, vocals, slide) and Dylan Sharp (guitar, vocals, banjo, balalaika) throw off a muted, wary carnal heat, the lingering afterimage of spent desire. The inscape drawn through Dream All Over navigates the dark side of the moon—the Hollywood Babylon L.A. of Kenneth Anger and David Lynch, Father Yod and Charlie Manson, muscle cars and drought—as reflected upon a pair of road-weary human hearts.


Service Industry


felte - 16 October

Quit your day job.

What are the pros and cons?  How long have you been there?  How hard would your life be if you left it?  Would you be afraid?  Terrified as you approached that last day?  Or would you step out onto that sidewalk the first moment you’re free from it, take out a deep breath, stare at the glassy dusk of the street and say, “Thank God”? What do you think?

Brooklyn based duo Lushes have thought about it and Lushes are confused too.   Don’t you worry.   They’re not looking for an answer. They have an album for you, though – Service Industry.

Try To Be Hopeful


Fortuna POP! - 9 October

The Spook School return in October with their brand new album, Try To Be Hopeful. Fun and empowering, Try To Be Hopeful is brim full of noisy, tuneful and triumphant queer pop songs about identity, sexuality and being awesome.

For Use and Delight


Western Vinyl - 2 Oct

Promised Land Sound will release their second album For Use And Delight on 2 October via Paradise of Bachelors. The release will be the band’s second for the label, also home to acclaimed releases by artists Hiss Golden Messenger, Steve Gunn, The Weather Station, and more. For Use And Delight will be released digitally, on CD, and on 150 gram vinyl.

Gold and Stone


Kanine Records - 25 September

Tour with Surfer Blood and Pinact in September

“I’ve never thought too hard about what our albums should sound like before they are written. I just trust instinct to lead the way.” That is the philosophy of Nicole Yun of noise-pop, power-rock trio Eternal Summers. And if you haven’t heard of Eternal Summers, you’ll have a lot of catching up to do. On 25 September 2015 they will release their new full-length album Gold and Stone in the UK via their longtime label, Brooklyn based indie, Kanine Records (home to Fear of Men, Pinact etc). 

Primitive Parts

Parts Primitive


Trouble in Mind - 18 September

Parts Primitive is the debut album from London-based band Primitive Parts. The band consists of Sauna Youth, Monotony and Male Bonding alumni / hit-makers Lindsay Corstorphine (guitar / voice), Kevin Hendrick (guitar) and Robin Christian (drums). They first practiced in 2012 after working together in a record shop in Crouch End with the goal to make something 'without fuss', that might sound like 'Stiff Records in the 60s'. They count The Deep Freeze Mice, Mick Jagger and Swell Maps among their many influences.

Mike Krol



Merge Records - 4 September

In bowling’s hallowed alleys, a strike is the minor miracle of all ten pins falling at once. Back-to-back strikes make a double. Do it a third time and you’ve got yourself a turkey. History will decide which sports metaphor to apply to Mike Krol’s first two records, I Hate Jazz (2011) and Trust Fund (2013), but as needle meets groove on Turkey, there is no ambiguity. Mike got his bike stolen and his heart broken. He bailed on graphic-design-as-career. He kept playing drums and guitars, and he kept writing songs about the stuff he hated and the stuff he loved. Leaving Milwaukee for Los Angeles, he took a few years’ worth of wrong turns. But when he showed up at a studio in Sacramento in March 2014, he had his affairs in order. Plug the vocal mic into a guitar amp. Plug the guitar into an overheating box of vacuum tubes. Put the computer in the closet. Roll the tape.

Diane Coffee

Everybody's A Good Dog


Western Vinyl - 4 September

Shaun Fleming – aka Diana Coffee – will release his second full length LP on 4 September via Western Vinyl. Everybody’s A Good Dog is the first true realization of Fleming’s Little Shop of Horrors -meets-Aladdin Sane vision, recorded in a proper studio with an assortment of guest artists, horn section, and string ensemble (all firsts for Fleming). The resulting 11 tracks are a sky-scraping sound kaleidoscope, touched with euphoric instrumentation and dark lyricism.

Yo La Tengo

Stuff Like That There


Matador - 28 August

Fresh from celebrating their 30th anniversary as one of the most beloved and adventurous bands in rock history, Yo La Tengo announce that they will release Stuff Like That There on August 28 via Matador Records and will embark on a world tour.
The trio of Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew now return as a quartet, reuniting with former member Dave Schramm on electric guitar as they revisit the original concept of their beloved Fakebook (a mix of cover songs, “covers” of Yo La Tengo songs, and brand new originals) on its 25th anniversary. 

Small Feet

From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean


Control Freak Kitten - 14 August

Swedish folk outfit SMALL FEET are due to release their debut album From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean on 14 August via Control Freak Kitten Records. Fronted by songwriter Simon Stålhamre, the trio draw from American influences, drawing comparisons to Neil Young, Chad VanGaalen and a Scandinavian Woods.

Simon Love

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time


Fortuna POP! - 7 August

It Seemed like A Good Idea At The Time, the debut solo album from Simon Love, formerly of John Peel and Marc Riley favourites The Loves, is a sweary and irreverent tour de force, full of catchy hooks and offbeat lunacy. Taking its inspiration from maverick Seventies singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson and The Lovin’ Spoonful, the album features lush strings provided by indiepop ensemble for hire A Little Orchestra and brass by Rob Jones of The Voluntary Butler Scheme.

Haiku Salut

Etch and Etch Deep


How Does it Feel To Be Loved - 31 July

The new album sees the instrumental trio of Gemma, Louise and Sophie building upon the foundations of their 2013 debut Tricolore, blending joyous folk, intricate electronica and spellbinding neo-classical to create something with even greater ambition; inquisitive, at times more boldly pop, at others startlingly impressionistic.

Mammoth Penguins

Hide and Seek


Fortuna POP! - 10 July

Hide and Seek is the debut album from Mammoth Penguins, the new band fronted by Emma Kupa, formerly of BBC 6 Music favourites Standard Fare. Due out on 10 July via Fortuna POP!, the album is an exhilarating collection of indie anthems, with Emma's candid songwriting and heartfelt vocals at the fore. Chugging away like a great lost Weezer record, the songs are bold, loud and outrageously catchy, with lyrics that hit just the right chord, exploring the burgeoning responsibilities of being in your late 20s/early 30s.

Heather Woods Broderick



Western Vinyl - 10 July

Heather Woods Broderick excels at distilling her experiences into a soulful melancholy that's enduring both for it's intimate relatable moments and its persistent sense of mystery.  Her uncanny ear for evocative production and gorgeous vocal harmonies serves her well on her new album Glider.  Throughout the album, the rich dreamlike atmospheres she creates hint at a darkness looming on the horizon, while the singularity of her ethereal voice always seems to linger long after the music has stopped.  As a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Heather has had the opportunity to record and tour with plenty of incredible artists including Horse Feathers, Efterklang, and Sharon Van Etten, which has kept her moving house and traveling around the world for much of the past decade.

Princess Chelsea

The Great Cybernetic Depression


Flying Nun/Lil'Chief - 8 June

Building upon the success of her 2011 debut Lil Golden Book, which spawned the internet sensation “Cigarette Duet” (which has racked up nearly twenty million hits on Youtube), the new album is a sparkling, glittering epic, weaving layers upon layers of synths to create a fantastical universe that is out of this world. Her background in classical music lends a darkly baroque flair to the sound, with the songs more like compositions than traditional “synth pop”, weaving unconventional song structures with very dense “wall of synth” arrangements to create a sound that has been described as “retrofuturistic”. With influences ranging from Kraftwerk to Tomita and Eurythmics, part of the inspiration behind the album was to recreate the magic of childhood sci-fi moves like The Neverending Story, sounding like the future as she imagined it when she was ten.

The Catenary Wires

Red Red Skies


Elefant - 1 June

The Catenary Wires is the new project from Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey.  Together, they have an impressive 30 year indie-pop pedigree, including TALULAH GOSH, HEAVENLY, MARINE RESEARCH and TENDER TRAP. THE CATENARY WIRES started when Amelia and Rob moved out of London to the countryside and started writing quiet and melancholy songs on a small acoustic guitar, to help get them through the winter. They then realized that this barer, stripped down format gave their songs a moving intensity and intimacy, bringing to mind singers like Hope Sandoval and Laura Veirs.

Joanna Gruesome

Peanut Butter


Fortuna POP! - 11 May

Due to rising international pressure, Joanna Gruesome’s new album Peanut Butter will finally enter the world on 11 May via Fortuna POP! (UK), Slumberland (US) and Turnstile (ROW). Rival groups will be disappointed to learn that the record is a further experiment in combining hyper melodic pop music with sonic violence. Officials have confirmed that the album contains a record number of hooks, traces of nut and elements of jangle pop, British hardcore punk, atonal music, screaming and drone organs. Yet they have issued warnings of "a marriage of radical politics with peanut butter spread".

Icky Blossoms



Saddle Creek - 11 May

Electronic pop trio Icky Blossoms will release their second album, Mask, on 11 May 2015 via Saddle Creek. Three years on from their Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) produced debut, their singular brand of mesmerizingly contradictory dance music has evolved. Blending avant-garde elements with catchy and danceable pop, threaded within dark, bass-heavy atmospheres, their songs nod to great music of the past, whilst firmly propelling them into the future. 


Twisted Arrow (featuring Kim Deal)


7" + download single 4 May

"Twisted Arrow" is the new single from Belfast-based ARBORIST (a.k.a Mark McCambridge) and features the unmistakable harmonies of KIM DEAL. Her hushed and plaintive vocal adds weight to a familial tale of detachment and is the perfect counterpoint to McCambridge's sharp delivery. It was recorded during dark winter nights in Belfast and Dayton, Ohio - the latter as the new year arrived - and you can feel it in the lyrical violin and lean, crisp production.

Ralegh Long



Gare du Nord - 6 April

Hoverance is the beautifully pastoral debut album from English songwriter Ralegh Long, due for release in April on Gare Du Nord. Drawing from 1970s influences such as Bill Fay, Nick Drake and the 70’s indebted Epic Soundtracks, Long has produced a warm and intimate record, bathed in lush orchestral arrangements and underpinned by rich piano tones. The sound is punctuated by pedal steel, used here like a synth, as used to great effect on American Music Club records.

The Tamborines

Sea of Murmur


Beat-Mo Records - 30 March

Brazilian-born, London duo The Tamborines release their second album 'Sea of Murmur' on 30 March through their own imprint Beat-Mo Records. The album was played, recorded and mixed by Henrique Laurindo (vocals and guitar) and Lulu Grave (drums and vocals) at their former Shepherd’s Bush home studio in a true DIY spirit. The heavy fuzz and swirling sounds of their debut 'Camera and Tremor' have been reigned in to make way for a more melodic and direct approach, anchored in the band's disparate influences – Teenage Fanclub, The Clean, Deerhunter, Beat Happening, Guided By Voices, Field Mice, pre-Creation-era MBV, Sebadoh and The Velvet Underground, to name a few.  

Beach Beach

The Sea


La Castanya - 16 March

Guitars soaked with shimmering chorus effects, driving basselines, a touch of fuzz and high-speed tempos shape an exciting and upbeat record. WithThe Sea, Beach Beach lean towards the jangle pop sounds of the 80’s and bands who recorded for Sarah Records or Flying Nun, with added elements of 90’s indie rock and classic rock from the 70’s.

Young Guv

Ripe 4 Luv


Slumberland - 9 March

Slumberland are delighted to announce the brand new mini-LP Ripe 4 Love from Young Guv (a.k.a. Fucked Up's Guitarist Ben Cook), due out on 9 March. The album allows him to reveal his softer side, mixing a variety of styles and genres from classic rock to mainstream pop, channelling Prince and Cheap Trick with stunning results. The record really shows off his songwriting chops, which has been used to great success ghostwriting for the likes of Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson. In a literny of "interesting facts", he was also a child actor (starring alongside a very fresh-faced Ryan Gosling in The Road to Avonlea), played in the influential Canadian hardcore band, No Warning and runs his own record label, Bad Actors.

The Wave Pictures

Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon


Moshi Moshi - 16 February 2015

Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon is the new album from English national treasures The Wave Pictures, due for release on Moshi Moshi in February 2015. The album was co-written and produced by one of their all time heroes Billy Childish and every note tingles with excitement at the collaboration. Bursting with energy and ignited with a garage-rock spark, the album rings loud and bold, showcasing Dave Tattersall’s searing guitar solos and sharp lyrical wit.




Fortuna POP! - 2 February

East London’s Tigercats return with their new album and first release for Fortuna POP! in February. Mysteries is vividly emotional and sonically expansive, blending the very best of indiepop with complex song structures, lush production and beautiful arrangements.

September Girls

Debut album Cursing the Sea came out on Fortuna POP! in January 2014


Veneer EP out 24 November on Fortuna POP! /Kanine

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phil Spector, The Velvet Underground, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain, the five-piece play reverb-soaked noise-pop of the finest order and have been described as "a combination of razorwire guitar lines, thudding Moe Tucker beats and girl group melodicism". Cursing the Sea garnered widespread coverage, with a Guardian New Band of the Day piece, NME radar and 8/10 review and a 4* review in The Fly as well as coverage in The Sunday Times, The Observer and Uncut. The Financial Times said that they were “like a less malevolent Jesus and Mary Chain – impressive power, conjuring exactly the right balance between noise and sweetness” while Time Magazine no less named them as one of the 11 best new bands in the world.

Lily and Madeleine



Asthmatic Kitty - 27 October 2014

Lily & Madeleine’s goal is to release an album-a-year for three years — a rare feat when the trend among singer- songwriters is to space albums by half-decades. So far, they’re on track: Fumes, the duo’s second LP, will be released October 27, 2014 — 366 days after last year’s Lily & Madeleine. The album is a leap forward for the duo, a mature sentiment of two gifted young artists who have launched from their hometown onto the world stage with speed and grace.

Allo Darlin

We Come From the Same Place


Fortuna POP! - 6 October 2014

Allo Darlin’ released their new album We Come From the Same Place via Fortuna POP! (UK/Europe) and Slumberland Records (US). The third full-length recording from the much loved Anglo-Australian four-piece is made up of smart, beautiful pop music, with lyrics that resonate with experience and melodies that chime, echo and soar.



Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do


Fortuna POP! - 8 September 2014

London trio Flowers released their debut album Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do in September via Fortuna POP! (UK/EU) and Kanine Records (USA). Produced by Bernard Butler, the album captures the intensity of being young in fourteen deceptively simple pop songs that take their power from their brevity, elevated by Rachel Kenedy’s extraordinary voice.

The Proper Ornaments

Wooden Head


Fortuna POP! - 9 June 2014

London-based neo-psychedelic pop group The Proper Ornaments mine the rich territories of The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys. Their debut album proper Wooden Head features fourteen thrillingly taut and melodic pop songs with a deep, dark undercurrent. Comprised of Argentinian Max Claps and James Hoare (also of Veronica Falls) – who both sing and write the songs – and joined by Daniel Nellis (bass) and Robert Syme (drums), the band have already shared stages with the likes of Real Estate, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Toy and Metronomy.

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