Saddle Creek - 14 September 2016

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Premium is the debut Sam Evian LP, which was released September 2016 via Saddle Creek.


The limpid ease of Premium was captured in just a handful of days at Figure 8 studio in Brooklyn, where Sam is a resident engineer and producer.

Glowing lead guitar, aching pedal steel, Wurlitzer keys and iconic 20th-century synths coalesce over a sublime, supportive rhythm section, guiding Sam Evian’s melodies through a semi-familiar mist: the post-'60s zeitgeist, a sun-baked cassette of Pet Sounds, the modern struggle for emotional involvement in the internet age.

"Someone once told me that having one penny is 100% better than having no pennies. Making Premium was like picking a lucky penny up off the street. I wrote the songs ten days prior to my first show, though the ideas had been living under the surface for some years. Sometimes a deadline is all you need. The band came together effortlessly and we found ourselves in the studio on borrowed time, smiling a lot. The use of "Premium" is funny to me. Bottled water is funny to me. We're all hustling the same thing and packaging it in different ways. Stay hydrated," says Sam.

Brief rundown:

- Sam Evian is the debut solo project from New York via North Carolina songwriter Sam Owens, who was in the band Celestial Shore. 

- The musicians on the album are made up of members of Here We Go Magic, Hospitality and Cass McCombs' band. 

- Although 'Sam Evian' is somewhat of an alter ego, the songs are highly personal, focusing on the domestic side of life and full of emotional honesty. 

- The songs are a love letter to New York, which Sam says is "like an addiction." 

- Coming from North Carolina he is influenced by country music, Hank Williams as well as the sounds of the Deep South, such as the music recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama, the likes of Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett. 

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